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Raccoon control

We have included several photo's for informational purposes and they may take a moment to load

Did you know that Raccoons can weigh between 10-25 lbs and they have 1 liter a year of between 3-6 young, they are born sometime in April-May and the young can not leave for 10-14 weeks

Raccoons are primaraly active at night

Raccoons may cause serious damage to lawns in the spring and late summer looking for grubs, raccoons will pull up clumps of lawn and also roll back sod to get to grubs and worms

Raccoons have adapted to utilizing chimneys instead of hollow trees. They also get into crawl spaces and attics. If not discovered right away, raccoons that invade building spaces can cause a great deal of destruction to insulation and other components of the structure

Raccoons leave obvious sign of their presence. They will use the same spot as a latrine, which can be located at or near the base of the tree or on a rooftop, even nearby in the attic and sometimes on the shelf inside or outside of the chimney. Raccoon droppings are similar in size to a small dog and often contain berry seeds or other obvious evidence of the diet. Raccoon droppings may also contain raccoon round worm eggs and safety measures should always be practiced when dealing with the droppings
Young children playing in a sand box or near a latrine are at risk to exposure to raccoon roundworm eggs by simply putting their hands into their mouths, and diseases like rabies and distemper can be passed on to pets through saliva

This little fellow was rescued from above a fireplace by the staff at All in One

What we can do for you

A thorough inspection

Remove all Raccoons from your home

Animal proof your roof or Chimney

Cleanout of droppings

Attic restoration

Tree trimming

Repair damage & Chimneys

Raccoons are fairly strong and cabable of damage such as tearing holes though roofs and ripping off vents to gain access, A do it yourselfer tried to resolve an issue using mothballs and boarded up a hole with babies inside, this female raccoon shredded the roof before we were called.

We do NOT trap raccoons for raiding bird feeders or cat food!

We remove raccoons from chimneys by using specially designed traps and installing chimney covers

Young coons are often a challenge

Buyer beware! there are Internet savvy companies from outside states like Florida & Utah directing website traffic to their sites and using sub contractors from southern Massachusetts and Connecticut to perform bat and bird control right in your town and misusing your town name

Even pest control companies in your local phone book are sub contracting this work Do you really want someone driving 100 miles or more to service your home and splitting the money with a Florida company?

We are a local company with technicians in Waltham, Hudson and West Boylston Massachusetts & and our owner is a graduate of Newton North High School

Our company carries workers compensation & liability insurance, pays employment taxes, provides employment & training and supports your local economy

Keep your Money local!

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Remember, sub contractors are not employee's, all of our employee's work for us and are properly licensed, trained and Covered by workers compensation!

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