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Tom, I see your credentials and background and I really want your company to do my work, but I have to admit
I found a guy on an official Massachusetts State website that is way cheaper than you,

my question is Why should I hire your company and not this guy?


"yea Sure I'll catch that critter for a hundred bucks"

Because he is not in "business" that's why

Like so many others this is a person running a cash business, not paying taxes on earned income
and carries no insurance for the purpose of working on the property of another and has no formal training

As the Industry standards director for the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
I have brought this issue before the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife numerous times
they are knowingly referring wildlife control work to people not claiming income or carrying insurance

Not only that but on that website there are numerous animal control officers and other law enforcement agents
in our state who use their positions as public Servants to gain work in the private sector by referrals from other
animal control officers and law enforcement agents. Many who are also running cash businesses

What irks me the most is they have the nerve to tell people to "watch out" for companies like mine who operate a legitimate business

Anybody who hires an uninsured person to do work on their home is setting themselves up, If this guy falls off your roof
then his wife's attorney will have a lawsuit against you and you can kiss your homes equity good bye

Wow you got me wound up

There is and has been for years a dilemma in Massachusetts where builders, roofers,Chimney companys painters and other contractors
misclassify employee's as subcontractors to avoid payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance

it is illegal and immoral and the worst part is that not only is the contractor liable if someone gets hurt, But so isn't the home owner
The commonwealth has taken some steps to rectify this situation, but not a lot of contractors get caught and the quest for the best price
feeds it like a demon

But in the case of wildlife control not only is the commonwealth's apathy towards this trend transparent
but they are actually knowingly referring work to tax evaders, which in my opinion really doesn't seem within the purpose of the
Massachusetts department of revenue


I can tell you a million reasons why not to hire some guy with a few traps and a pick up truck

Or I can tell you that we are experts in our field, We have people with backgrounds in building construction, chimney service
remediation's and abatements
our owner is an authorized OSHA safety instructor who is involved on a state and national level to make this a better industry
by developing training programs or that we do internal training on a regular basis and attend all training made available to us and join
and get involved in all trade associations pertaining to our industry

How about because we pay our taxes and carry liability insurance and workers comp insurance to protect not only ourselves
and our employee's but the home owner who hires us
Or because we are a licensed home improvement contractor and a licensed pest control company we provide jobs and training
and provide insurance for employee's and help feed your local economy

Or how about because we are dedicated to "solving" your problem and have taken the time to learn how to do so
Sure we will come and kill something for you, But at least let us solve the underlying reason so we don't have to kill anything else

I dont want to just come and trap a squirrel, I want to trap the squirrel, trim the tree, fix the boards and cap the chimney

"I want you to hire us for the same reason that we do all these things, because "its the right thing to do"

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