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I have a bat in my home, and this isn't the first time this has happened
So what can I do?

If bats show up during the winter that could be a sign that there may be bats hibernating in the attic, chimney stack or a wall void
While bats that show up inside during the summer may indicate a maternal colony

In either case you should never directly handle a bat because they are a vector of the rabies virus, Bat control should be done by a licensed & insured professional including a thorough inspection of the property and a Bat exclusion performed with special attention to the dormers and chimney.

I get squirrels back in the same place every year. We keep trapping and they keep coming back, can you help us?

you bet we can, there are 3 different type of squirrels in Massachusetts, Red squirrels, Grey Squirrels and Flying Squirrels and all have differnt behaviors and squirrel control is slightly differnt for each
But they all have litters twice a year and that leads to what we call a "history" at any given location, which means that until you modify the habitat you will continue to have issue's a licensed & insured professional can trap squirrels for you and should be able to trim back tree branches, remove nesting and replace old rotted sofits and marked wood and repair and cap those chimneys

I called the animal control and they gave me this guys phone number to call, I was a little leery of hiring him, my question is how do you tell if you are talking to a legitimate business?

Just because you got a name or number from a State or local agency, or a website does not mean you are speaking to a licensed & insured professional wildlife control operator
A couple of questions you can ask up front over the phone are "who would I be making the check out to?" and "can you get me an insurance certificate?"

A check made out to an individual should raise red flags for anyone and with one phone call to his insurance company and the insured operator can have a certificate of liability with your address listed on it faxed to you by the end of the business day

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Call All in One Wildlife & Pest Management Today !
Serving All of Central and Eastern Massachusetts
Remember, sub contractors are not employee's, all of our employee's work for us and are properly licensed, trained and Covered by workers compensation!

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