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Rodent control

Noises in the attic

Scratching in the walls

those nocturnal noises might be mice moving from their day time resting spots to forage for food

Aside from night time noises or foul smells in the wall mice also may pose a serious health risk, they tend to infest insulation with droppings and urine
mice have been linked to health risks such as childhood sthma, LCM, and hanta virus

Part of the propblem with mice is the fact that they reproduce at such a high rate, under ideal conditions one pair of mice could turn into 60 mice within 6 months, that does not mean you will have 60 mice in your house it just means that if you take no action there is a potential to develop a serious problem

Mice are prolific breeders, producing 6-10 litters continuously throughout the year. The greatest economic loss from mice is not due to how much they eat, but what must be thrown out because of damage or contamination. Food, clothing, furniture, books and many other household items are contaminated by their droppings and urine, or damaged by their gnawing. House mice gnaw through electrical wiring, causing fires and failure of freezers, clothes dryers and other appliances. Mice also can transmit diseases, most notably salmonellosis (bacterial food poisoning) when food is contaminated with infected rodent feces. Mice need to maintain a certain body temperature and during cold months will seek out warm air venting from small gaps and opening in homes and move in

These gaps can be found around garage doors by chimneys along sills and even dormers on the roof

The staff at all in one are trained to locate and seal these gaps and replace the weather strip and rubber seal on your garage door

We can eliminate the mice and remove any unhealthy insulation from your home

What we can do for you

A thorough inspection

A rodent baiting program

A trapping program

Abatement of insulation

Attic restoration

Crawl space restoration

Mouse proofing

Buyer beware! there are Internet savvy companies from outside states like Florida & Utah directing website traffic to their sites and using sub contractors from southern Massachusetts and Connecticut to perform bat and bird control right in your town and misusing your town name

Even pest control companies in your local phone book are sub contracting this work Do you really want someone driving 100 miles or more to service your home and splitting the money with a Florida company?

We are a local company with technicians in Waltham, Hudson and West Boylston Massachusetts & and our owner is a graduate of Newton North High School

Our company carries workers compensation & liability insurance, pays employment taxes, provides employment & training and supports your local economy

Keep your Money local!

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Serving All of Central and Eastern Massachusetts

Remember, sub contractors are not employee's, all of our employee's work for us and are properly licensed, trained and Covered by workers compensation!

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